2018 Commentaries

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Popcorn With Pastor...

#PopcornWithPastor (#PWP) is an initiative born out my love for the children of Memphis, TN and the vision I hold for their prosperous future. #PWP is intended to be a 2-3 hour period on various weekday evenings where the city’s youth will view a full-length film in a safe and clean environment.  There is no charge for admission, but we do ask that generous donations be given for popcorn and drinks, as young people work as ushers, sales clerks, and clean-up crew to receive equal shares of the total of donations received. Kids have the unfettered opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback.  There is only one rule at #PopcornWithPastor – Come with an open mind!  Kids and teenagers from all over the City, of Memphis, participate and continue to make #PWP a great night any day of the week.
We look forward to seeing your face in the place.

Listed below are a few of the movies PwP has viewed and discussed.







2016-2017 Commentaries

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